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Save your buns!

Alright…so as Padma from Top Chef would say, this post is a bit pedestrian, but I thought it was worth sharing after the holiday weekend.  I hate letting good bread go to waste, so I’m always using it up to make crostini, french toast, or the occasional crouton.  Buns, of the hamburger and hot dog variety, always seem pop up as leftovers during the grilling season.  I don’t place much value on these buns, so I tend to throw them out when they’re past their prime.  I had a few hamburger buns leftover and thought I’d see how they fared converted to a crouton.  Well, they worked great!  The light texture of the bun created a light and crispy crouton worthy of topping salads and soups, but also one that’s easy to find yourself snacking away on.

So, the next time you’ve got some extra buns…cube them, toss them with some dried herbs, a little garlic, and some butter and/or oil…and you’ll be on your way to a nice little crouton. Bake on low (300-ish) heat until golden and then, voila.  

Try it.  If you don’t like them, hey, you were probably going to throw out those buns anyway!


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  1. Call me pedestrian, but I never thought to do this with my leftover bread & buns. I usually just throw it and now it can have a new life.


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