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Cypress Grove Cheese LOVE these cheeses…so good!

SarVecchio Parmesan Staple Parmesan cheese.  Works in recipes, but is great on its own.

Valdosta Pecans from Sahale Snacks- These are amazing!

Oro Di Oliva Once you have these fresh oils and vinegars, you’ll never go back!

Biscoff Cookies Love these…not just “Europe’s Favorite Cookie with Coffee”, they’re mine too!

Eggland’s Best Eggs Maybe it’s all in my head, but these eggs just taste better to me.  Plus, the nutrition stats are impressive.


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  1. I just made my first Oro Di Oliva purchase – I settled on the Perenzana but have not used it yet. You’ll have to share some of your fav flavors if you have some?


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