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Decoy Wines by Duckhorn  Absolutely love the Zin and the red wine blend…

Sierra Nevada Tumbler
 A very roasty, malty, yummy fall beer.

Big House Cardinal Zin  This is available in a 3L box and might be my favorite box yet.  Don’t fear the boxed wine!

Three Floyd’s Pride & Joy  Could I actually have a favorite beer?  This has hops, but not too many…it’s mild, yet still full-flavored and not too high in alcohol.  Great session beer for the patio!

Dogfish Head Red and White  A true wine lover’s beer brewed with Pinot Noir…so good!

Domaine de Canton This ginger liqueur makes a great cocktail, but also makes a great reduction sauce.  Used in place of simple syrup, this takes mojitos to the next level.


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  1. What a wonderful website!!! Now Your favorite recipes are at hand, and I can always serve new dishes to my guests, and know they are going to be good!! Thank You. Jane B.


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