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Roast Chicken Primer

Do you like to make roasted chicken?  If yes, then you need to check out this article from Sunset Magazine, The Perfect Roast Chicken.  (If you answered no, well why not?)

One of my favorite comfort food meals is roasted chicken and I’ve tried a variety of cooking methods and was delighted to read that their best performing technique happens to be the easiest.

Well, you really should read the article, but here’s a quick summary.  Roast your chicken at 425 degrees.  Don’t flip it during cooking.  Don’t fuss with changing the temperatures during roasting.  Don’t bother with basting. Breast up, backbone up, do whichever moves you.  Buy free-range because of your beliefs, but not if you’re looking for better flavor.

Apparently, you just need to buy a big chicken, stick with 425 and let it go.

I tried this for the chicken pictured…it wasn’t a “big” chicken as the article suggested, but I was happy with the results nonetheless!


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