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Fun Beer Alert: Sam Adam’s LongShot

The weekend is here and I am excited to see that Sam Adam’s LongShot beers have hit the shelves.  I bought last year’s selections and was looking forward to trying them again this year.  If you like trying new beers, this is definitely something to check out. Most pre-packaged beer samplers are twelve-packs, so it’s nice to only have to commit to six.  What makes these cool is that these beers were created by home brewers.  Samuel Adams holds a contest and two of these came out on top among 700 entries.  The third beer was a winner in an employee only home brew contest.

Brewers were told to enter beers that were unlike any other.  Here’s a summary of the three included beers.

Friar Hop Ale: A beer inspired by hoppy IPAs and fruity, spicy Belgian ales.

Blackened Hops: A beer with deeply roasted malts and bitter, yet citrusy hops.

Honey Bee’s Lavender Ale: A wheat beer brewed with lavender and honey.

So far, I’ve only tried the third beer.  My review: An enjoyable beer, but a little sweeter than I’d prefer, but the honey does help round out the hops.  I loved the addition of the lavender.

If either of the other two are mind blowing, I will definitely post more.


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